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World Famous Academic: Blacks must look at themselves to explain their failures.

Dr. Pete Baufo has taught at Universities in the US, America, and the Middle East.

Pravda was the main state sponsored publication of the Soviet Union and remains a leading publication in Russian. Their English language site published this column from Dr. Peter Baofu. The author has finished more than 5 academic degrees, including a Ph.D. in political science from M.I.T. He has taught at Universities in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

In his article, Dr. Baofu talks about how blacks excel in sports and entertainment, but not in academic or intellectual ventures. Yet even prominent back athletes blame racism, and/or engage in extremely unsportsmanlike behavior, when they don’t get their way. Another great example in the entertainment world would be Kayne West. When he didn’t get the top award at a European MTV award ceremony, he disrupted the live televised event to go on a tirade. Afterwards he accused MTV of “racism” and said he would boycott future MTV events. He went back on his promised and attended another American MTV award ceremony, only to rush the stage and disrupt a second live MTV televised event to complain that a white woman was getting the best video award over a black woman who had also been nominated.

From Pravda.RU…

Some recent incidents involving black folks against non-blacks in the Western world (to be illustrated below) reveal a disturbing phenomenon that many black folks are quick to blame the institution of white racism for their relative lack of success in some endeavors but are slow to look into their behaviors and mindsets which have so much contributed to anti-black racism in the first place.

A good question here is: Why do many people have the common perception that blacks, on average, are not relatively capable in intellectual and refined endeavors, when contrasted with whites or Asians, for example, although they excel in other endeavors which are more physical, sensual, comic, and the like? The words “on average” and “relatively” are used here with caution, so as to stress that there are variations within a group and that the comparison among different groups is not absolute but relative.

Something is fundamentally wrong in the current racial politics in the Western world, especially in America, where there is the popular belief in “these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” (from the Declaration of Independence in 1776). But there are two serious assumptions that the American Founding Fathers had made, namely, first, that “men” are “created” (as a questionable theological assumption in Creation Theory), and second, that “men” are born “equal” (as a questionable biological assumption in modern Western social contract theory).

But for those who reject both Creation Theory and modern Western social contract theory, these truths are not self-evident at all and can be quite absurd (or false) indeed, when checked with reality. Precisely here, the historical one-sided excellence of black folks in non-intellectual endeavors (like sports, entertainment, and the like) and their behaviors and mindsets in the examples above can reveal something about the inequalities among different groups, such that each excels in some endeavors but not in others. So, in the end, there is simply no perfect race, no perfect ethnicity, no perfect sex, and whatnot, and each group, on average, achieve relatively better in some areas but not so in others (as this is something that I already went to great lengths to explain in my book “Beyond Nature and Nurture” in 2006, among other arguments).

To understand this goes a long way to recognize the black contribution to anti-black racism in those endeavors which are intellectual and refined, just as there is the black contribution to the non-black admiration of black excellence in sports, entertainment, and other endeavors which are largely physical, sensual, comic, and the like.