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Zimmerman "uninjured" is latest media fabrication.

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Once again, the Trayvon Martin shooting is the single biggest story in the United Sates. The left-wing media has gone for a reboot. Now that the cat is out of the bag that Zimmerman was not “100 pounds heavier than Martin,” the media is now showing police video of a skinny Zimmerman at the police station.

The video is grainy and small details can not be made out. It was also taken hours after Zimmerman had been given first aid and cleaned up.

However, thousands of media outlets are now publishing reports like “Zimmerman appeared uninjured.” Some of the least credible publications are simply running headlines saying that Zimmerman was not injured at all.

Almost everything reported by most media outlets for the first twenty-five days was falsehoods. The only correct information was the names of the people involved and the fact that Trayvon had died.

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