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ADL teams up with son of infamous Jew-hater to attack Mel Gibson over Gibson's father.

by Kyle Rogers

Abe Foxman has sunk to a new low and completely destroyed any credibility or integrity anyone may have thought he had left.

The Anti-Defamation League released the following statement in a press release:

Mr. Foxman speculated that Gibson’s anti-Jewish animus “was carefully taught” to him by his father, Hutton Gibson, a well-known Holocaust denier in his own right. “By now the pattern is clear, and we know that Gibson was infected early on in his life with anti-Semitism. If the latest allegations are true, it proves the point that anti-Semitism is a disease that is passed from generation to generation, and that can only be stopped by early intervention and education.”

In his letter to Gibson, Mr. Eszterhas wrote: “I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason you will not make ‘The Maccabees’ is the ugliest possible one. You hate Jews.”

Here is what happened. Hungarian immigrant Joe Eszterhas was hired by Mel Gibson to write a script. Mel Gibson thought he did a very poor job. Mel Gibson decided he didn’t want to use his lousy script. Eszterhas retaliated by teaming up with Foxman to denounce Gibson as a Jew hater. Gibson has been planning to make a movie about the Maccabees for seven years. Eszterhas says Gibson has changed his mind about making the movie because “you [Gibson] hate Jews.” Eszterhas is famous for writing sleezy movie like Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Sliver, Basic Instict 2, and others.

Showgirls, a pro-miscegenation movie about Las Vegas strippers, is one of several sleezebag movies written by Eszterhas.

Foxman says the worldwide blockbuster The Passion of the Christis a “passion of Hate.” He says Gibson is an “anti-Semite” for making a feature film based on the traditional Easter passion play. Mel Gibson even removed a sub-title from the movie, of dialog that appears in the New Testament, to try to appease Foxman. This had no effect in reducing Foxman’s vitriol.

Incredibly Foxman now says that Gibson’s father is an anti-Semite and therefore his father “carefully taught” Mel to be an anti-Semite. The man who Foxman has teamed up with to make this claim is the son of a Hungarian newspaper editor who spent the better part of two decades railing against Jews.

Eszterhas is the son of István Eszterhas. He was Hungary’s version of Julius Striecher. He was the editor of a newspaper that railed against Jews in the 1930s and 1940s. He organized book burnings. He published anti-Jewish pamphlets. He wrote a book in the 1930s calling Jews parasites and saying “The iron fist of the law must be applied to this parasitic race.”

In 1944, the government of Hungary collapsed. To keep the Hungarian army in the fight, the Nazi party seized control of the Hungarian government. To pay the Hungarian army, they began seizing Jewish assets and homes. After an effort to ship Hungarian Jews to Palestine was blocked by the British, Hungarian Jews were then sent to concentration camps in Poland. In 1990 the United States Office of Special Investigations launched an investigation into István Eszterhas for war crimes. They tried to prove he helped facilitate crimes against Jews. However, the OSI could never find evidence of his involvement in an actual crime. An effort to deport István Eszterhas drug on until he died in 2001.

So the ADL is using the son of a real life big league Jew hater to claim Mel Gibson hates Jews because Mel Gibson’s father supposedly hate Jews. If it is fair game to attack Mel over who his father is, then surely it is fair game to attack Joe over who his father is.

Abe Foxman is without any integrity or moral compass. He is one of the single highest paid “not for profit” execs in the nation. His sole motivation in life is to make himself filthy rich. Foxman is also a Holocaust denier who has fought against international recognition, as genocide, for the mass murder of Christians by the Turk and Ukranians by the Soviet Union.

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