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ADL/SPLC furious that is debunking media lies

The Anti-Defamation League [ADL], a completely discredited far-left fundraising hustle, lashed out at the CofCC in a press release.

The group attacked because “a writer questioned why the mainstream media is calling Zimmerman a white man instead of a Latino.” The ADL calls this “expressing racist and anti-Semitic views about the shooting.” The ADL also calls us “white supremacist” for good measure. How it is “expressing racist or anti-Semetic views” they do not say. They also do not claim that published anything that factually incorrect. However the ADL engages in classic Frankfurt school ritual defamation of conservatives.

Here is the full nonsensical quote from the ADL press release:

White supremacists have expressed racist and anti-Semitic views about the shooting. An article on the web site of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a writer questioned why the mainstream media is calling Zimmerman “a white man instead of a Latino.”

The leader of the ADL is Abe Foxman, who is one of the highest paid “not for profit” execs in the nation. He is famous for campaign to oppose recognition of the Christian Holocaust in Turkey and the mass genocide of Ukrainians by the Soviet Union. Foxman calls the Jewish Holocaust the “a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.” Yet he trivializes the mass murder of Christian Armenians and Greeks by the Muslim Turks and says the victims should not receive international recognition. The Armenian National Committee of America has accused Foxman of “genocide denial.”

Foxman and his group also waged a high-profile war to keep Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ out of theaters. His group ended up being humiliated on an international stage and the movie went on to be one of the most commercially successful films of all time.

ADL has been involved in countless scandals. The ADL gave its 1982 “Torch of Liberty” award to Morris Barney Dalitz, one of the most prominent Jewish gangsters in US history. Critics of the ADL have long claimed that the group has had symbiotic relations with Jewish gangsters and used cries of “antisemitism” as a shield against police investigations into Jewish crime syndicates.

The SPLC, another far-left fundraising hustler attacked CofCC Board Member and co-webmaster Kyle Rogers for writing his now famous March 21st expose on the media’s mishandling of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The SPLC do not claim that any part of the article is factually correct. They simply call Kyle Rogers an “extremist” for writing it. writes facts and the far-left calls us childish names. Neither the SPLC nor the ADL even claims this website said anything factually incorrect about the shooting. Clearly has the moral high ground. The SPLC and the ADL only survive because the left-wing media artificially props them up. Fortunately the public’s faith the “mainstream” media is rapidly failing.

Both the SPLC and the ADL have huge full-time staffs and massive budgets. They also get free press from the US media on a regular basis. Despite this, shows that gets more American traffic than either of their websites.

Video: Abraham Foxman’s disgusting threat to the president of the Ukraine. Foxman insinuates that he will turn American Jewish politicians against the Ukrainian president if he suggests that the mass murder of ten million Ukrainians is comparable to the Jewish Holocaust during WWII. Foxman opposes international recognition of the Ukrainian holocaust as “genocide.” Towards the end of the video, a female member of Abe Foxman’s entourage openly boats that the Jewish Holocaust is a political weapon saying “we need to play on that guilt.”

[youtube Fg1rL_kbO_w]