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Another Tulsa hate crime murder we were never told about

Another “Teenagers kill man” story. This received almost no media attention and local media omitted race from their articles.

Bill Zachery was murdered by a gang of black males in Tulsa, Oklahoma in January of 2012.

Since September 2011, at least 4 whites have been murdered by groups of blacks in the city of Tulsa. A fifth white victim survived an attempted murder. All of these were minor local stories, in which articles made no mention of race. However, when an American Indian and white man shot five blacks, killing three, it was an instant international media event. People in Finland saw it on the news. The media also conveniently misidentified the American Indian suspect as “a white man.”

Ask yourself why the media plays favorites in such an extreme way. If you type “Bill Zachery” into news, you get zero results. If you type “James Byrd” into the same engine, you get dozens of recent media articles. Byrd was a black ex-con who was killed by a white ex-con, with two other ex-con accomplices, as a revenge killing for something that happened in prison. This killing took place almost fourteen years ago. Why is the media still hyping it on a near daily basis fourteen years later? The killing of Byrd took place in Jasper, Texas. In the same town, within 24 hours of Byrd’s death, an elderly white man was murdered by a black male. The white victim was a tiny blip in the local paper. He received about a billionth of one percent of the news coverage that the Byrd killing has received.