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Arizona has thrived since passing tough immigration law

Arizona’s immigration enforcement law is now one of the most popular laws in the country. 65%-68% of registered voters say they approve of the law in national polls.

The “mainstream” media has run some fake articles claiming that the Arizona economy has been hurt. This is another media hoax.

From USA Today…

As of February, the state had added 42,6000 new, non-farm jobs over the previous year, and state revenues have increased 8.7% so far in 2012. The Arizona Office of Tourism found the state generated $17.7 billion in direct travel spending in 2010 — a 7.9% increase over the previous year. Brewer said there may have been a negative effect in the immediate aftermath of the law, but that the state has rebounded and the “Arizona comeback” is here.

“Businesses are coming. People are recruiting,” Brewer said. “We should get a lot of kudos for what we’ve accomplished.”

A total of six states have passed new laws granting the police the authority to check the immigration status. These include Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Utah. Alabama is credited with passing the toughest law, and has seen nothing but positive benefits.