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Baltimore Fox punished for treating thug like a celebrity

Aaron Parson, 20, supposedly is a promoter for rap shows at local nightclubs. He may have participated in the attack purely to gain "street cred."

Update: Baltimore police punish local Fox affiliate for treating thug like a celebrity. Before Parsons and his lawyer went to the police station, they stopped at the studio of Fox 45 Baltimore. The affiliate conducted an interview and did not even notify police he was there.

The Baltimore police participate in a show with Fox 45 called fugitive files. The police say they are cancelling that relationship and setting up a system where the public can access the same information without going through Fox 45.

From WTOP Radio…

In a press conference Friday, Baltimore city police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said detectives contacted the news station after learning that Parsons was there giving an interview. Fox45 indicated that Parsons told them he’d turn himself in after the interview.

“Fox45 is, ironically, the partner for the Baltimore police department for Fugitive Files, a program where we feature wanted information of suspects, hoping to get information to police,” Guglielmi said. “I’m going to be honest. That was very frustrating for us.”

Parsons turned himself in at 7:30 p.m. Friday night, after police contacted his lawyer.

Guglielmi said the city of Baltimore was outraged about the video, which is why police were so frustrated that Fox45 didn’t contact them about Parsons’ interview.

“We will be discontinuing our relationship with that news outlet to provide Fugitive Files,” he said. “Instead, we will provide information to the public directly through social media and through every other news outlet about everybody that’s wanted in Baltimore.”

Aaron Parsons, 20, aka “PrettyFlyGuy,” has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the Baltimore hate crime mob attack on a white tourist last St. Patricks Day.

In the video the cameraman is heard encouraging some other black males to rob and assault a white victim so he could videotape it for the website The website has a history of featuring videos of white victims being assaulted by black mobs. Parsons was identified by police after bragging about being in the video on the internet.