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CofCC in Kansas City, MO

Two lefties angry that the CofCC is telling the truth. The couple live in a census track that is listed as 91% in the 2010 census. Their immediate neighborhood is 92.8% white. Notice how the diversity-mongers always live in all white neighborhoods.

From Kansas City Channel 5…

The paper, a publication of the St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens, makes no secret of its most active members, using several pages to update members on activities of others in the organization.

One article decried the post-apartheid changes in South Africa, citing racially motivated killings of white Afrikaners. Another titled “The Marxist and Anti-Christian Foundations of the Struggle Against Apartheid,” shows Nelson Mandela posing in front of a hammer and sickle, and captions the photo by identifying him as “Terrorist Leader Nelson Mandela.”

Council of Conservative Citizens national board member Kyle Rogers said the organization is trying to highlight things intentionally ignored by what many call the mainstream media.

“A large number of EU parliament members, representing all but one of the EU party alliances, recently condemned the South African government for the large-scale murder of white farmers,” he wrote to KCTV5.

Also included in the most recent edition is a list of violent crimes against white victims purported to be hate crimes.

On the group’s website,, it’s Statement of Principles states, “We believe…that the American people and government should remain European in their composition and their character.”

When asked if that meant the group believed the US government should not have any black, Latino or Asian people in elected office, Baum clarified the statement should not be interpreted that way.

“We’d like to keep America majority white,” he clarified. “I just want the system of law we have. I don’t want to look like they do in Haiti. If the whole nation changes ethnically, it will change the government.”

Baum used several juxtapositions to make his point.

“Look at Rwanda and look at Switzerland,” he said. “Duh. It’s pretty obvious who’s thriving. Do you want to go to Canada or go to Mexico? One doesn’t have to be an Einstein to figure this out.”