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Confirmed: Deltona, Fl home attacked by black mob

Damian Grooms, 19, this was at least his third arrest in Florida.

Tracy Lagos, 34, this was at least his tenth arrest in Florida

Two people have been arrested in the massive assault on a Deltona, Florida home. Damien Grooms, 19, and Tracey Legos, 34 have been arrested. They are accused of leading the second assault that involved damaging six cars, smashing the windows of the home, and shooting a man in the leg. From the three people who have been identified, the attack appears to be Afro-Hispanics and Afro-Americans attacking an apartment packed with Afro-Hispanics, presumably Puerto Ricans.

Brazen large-scale attacks on a private residence appear to be on the rise. There was the recent massive assault on a white family by a heavily armed black mob in Mobile, Alabama. Last fall a huge mob of heavily armed Afro-Americans and Afro-Puerto Ricans (referred to as “Hispanics” in the media) attacked a family of whites in Philadelphia, PA. Both of those mob attacks were racially motivated.

Based on the information given out, this attack appears to have been triggered when a teenage girl tried to pass a carload of black gangbangers who were driving below the speed limit. A man claiming to be the father of the teenage girl has written to this site. He says that he is white and the girl’s mother is Puerto Rican.