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Democrats are driving away white people

Alvin Greene. Proof that blacks will favor any black candidate over any white candidate.

The Democratic party is rapidly losing the votes of white people and becoming a solidly black and Latino party. They must be racist and driving away white people with their racism!

According to a Gallup poll:

Whites lean Republican over Democrats by 48 to 37

Blacks lean Democrats over Republican by 77 to 10
Asians lean Democrats over Republican by 54 to 24
Latinos lean Democrats over Republican by 47 to 24

According to the Pew Research Center

Republicans have a 12 point advantage with whites
Democrats have a 78 point advantage with blacks
Democrats have a 42 point advantage with Latinos

Black people are the single most monolithic voting block in America. That must mean they are the most racist right?

In many parts of the country black voters will vote for any black candidate over any white candidates. In 2010 SC Democrat Primary for US Senate Alvin Greene won. Greene was an unemployed black man facing felony obscenity charges. He had been recently discharged from the US army for mental problems. He never even campaigned or spent any money other than his $10k filing fee. His opponent was a prominent white Judge who spent 200k. About thirds of the voters were black and Green won. South Carolina was held up as an international laughing-stock over Green’s victory, but no media outlets even mentioned the race of the voters. The voters were always described as “South Carolinians.”

A liberal white candidate got on the ballot as a third-party candidate so Democrats would have a left/liberal option other than Greene. The SC state, as well as the national media practically begged SC Democrats not to vote for Greene in the general election. Greene received 78% of the black male vote and 82% of the black female vote anyway.