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Duke Lacrosse hoaxer claims self-defense in stabbing death of boyfriend

Between the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Hoax and the 2012 Trayvon Martin Hoax, the media has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. After the Duke Lacrosse hoax victims were completely exonerated, the media flushed the story. We have never heard about it again. The continued saga of Crystal Magnum’s misdeeds are quarantined to the local paper in Durham, NC.

The Duke Lacrosse rape hoax was the Trayvon Martin shooting of 2006. A black stripper claimed she was gang raped by white Lacrosse players for Duke University. It had everything. Round the clock national media. Media hoaxes. Marches by black agitators, including the New Black Panther Party. Innocent victims had their lives ruined by the media. Duke University cancelled the remainder of its Lacrosse season.

Eventually the “woman-hating racists” were proven to be 100% right all along. It was all a hoax. The victims did get some justice. Prosecutor Nifong was disbarred over his involvement.

Despite perpetrating this hoax, Crystal Gail Magnum was then graduated by NCCU, a black college, with a degree in law enforcement.

Afterwards, the events of Crystal’s life continued to spiral downward. In early 2010, Crystal set some clothes on fire inside her apartment. They belonged to her live in boyfriend. She was charged with a huge battery of offenses, including the endangerment of her nine-year old child.

In late 2010 she was charged with five counts of child abuse.

In April of 2011 she was charged with stabbing her live in boyfriend. He later died in the hospital. The media largely covered it up. The case is inching along and the media is still hiding it from public view.

Earlier this month Magnum wrote her own 21 page legal brief asking for the charges to be dismissed. Her lawyer filed the brief for her as she has been in jail for the past year. She says the stabbing was in self-defense and her boyfriend died due to medical malpractice.

Only one tiny local paper in Durham, NC is reporting this.

Compare the near complete media silence to the deafening nation-wide howl of the media in 2006. When the media hoped with all their might that they had a real life case of white on black gang rape. In reality white on black rape is one of the most absolute rarest crimes in the nation. However blacks commit rape at a rate several times higher than whites. Black rapists rape as many or more white females than black females. The media is absolutely desperate to keep this information hidden from the public.

The DOJ estimates that black men raped 102 white women per day in 2005. They say whites raped ten or fewer black women the same year. They report that blacks raped more white women than black women that year. Source.