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Farrakhan at the University of Arkansas; white peoples' "end has come"

Final Call is the national publication of the Nation of Islam. It claims to have the widest distribution of any black newspaper in the country.

Farrakhan has been on a speaking tour and his latest stop was at the University of Arkansas on Monday. Glen Beck’s has been reporting on his speeches and posting videos. There seems to be confusion, both on and other sites, as to what some of the things mean that Louis Farrakhan says. says Farrakhan “showered some praise on Patrick Buchanan.” The staff at believes this is incorrect. We believe Farrakhan is showing contempt for Pat Buchanan. When he calls him “great Republican,” he simple means that Buchanan is well-known.

Farrakhan has been saying that the race war is imminent for the past few years. Elijah Mohammed published Fall of America in 1973, which outlines the NOI belief in a race war. NOI considers Elijah Mohammed to be a prophet, and Fall of America is one of their holy books along with Message to the Black Man. Farrakhan appears to have grown increasingly anxious for the prophesied race war to start. The New Black Panther Party [NBPP] is basically a NOI splinter group. It teaches the same theology and considers Farrakhan a “spiritual leader.” The group claims it is raising an army right now to fight the NOI race war. Farrakhan also has his own group of stormtroopers called the “Fruit of Islam.” The Fruit of Islam has including big name rap stars, including members of the hit band Public Enemy. One of the DC Snipers had been a Fruit of Islam members and served as one of Farrakhans’ bodyguard at the Million Man March. In San Fransisco, a group of NOI followers formed the Black Angels of Death. They were called the “Zebra Killers” by police. They are believed to be the most prolific serial killers in US history.

I know myself, and I know you [white people]
Some of you white people I know you better that you know yourself
Because God has revealed you fully
(NOI teaches that God, in the form of Wallace Fard, revealed to Elijah Muhammed the origin of the black and white races)
It’s not about hate it’s about knowing what you’re dealing with
We know who we dealing with
(NOI theology states “You cannot blame the white man for what he is, you cannot blame him for being merciless, for the white people were made the people that they are”)
We know what we are dealing with
(NOI teaches that white people are literal devils)
We know your origin in the world
(NOI teaches that an evil black wizard created white people 6,000 years ago)
We know how long you were set to live
(NOI teaches that all white people will be exterminated in the near future)
And unless you change
Your end has come
(NOI teaches that America will be “burned  with fire” and whites will be wiped out in North America in an apocalyptic race war)

[youtube UWOlSfeZO38]

The former leader of the NBPP was Khallid Muhammed, who died in 2001. He was the former NOI National Youth Minister and became the leader of NOI in 1997. He called himself “Farrakhans’ flamethrower.”

[youtube f_Rfsq1KVNY]