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Global warming and the polar bear hoax

What crises? In the 1960s there was an estimated 10,000 polar bears. Today they are estimated at over 25,000

Global warming hoaxers continue to claim polar bears are dying out even as their populations surge around the world. Polar bear populations in Canada, Greenland, Russia, and Norway have increased so much the bears are starting to clash with humans and other bears.

Polar Bear populations in Canada are at the highest levels ever recorded since researchers started estimating their numbers in the 1940s. Even with increases in poaching, polar bears are strong.

The current polar bear population on the western Hudson Bay is 66% higher than what global warming doomsayers claimed they would be.

(In 2004 the West Hudson Bay Polar bear population was estimated by the ICUN at 935 and “declining” with a “very high” risk of declining in the future. It was estimated that the population would sink to 600 by 2012. “Man made global warming” was blamed. Today the population is estimated at over 1,013.

In 2011, polar bear populations were so strong that Russia allowed the Chukchi people to hunt 29 polar bears in the first legalized Russian polar bear hunting in 50 years.

The WWF has been using polar bears as a cash cow to get donations. The group continues to claim polar bears are being killed off by global warming in their commercials. In 2009, WWF spokesman Dr Tom Arnbom admitted that polar bears in Norway were surging. Yet he claimed that they might be the only growing polar bear population in the world. This statement was made at a time when polar bear populations were universally surging around the globe. Is the WWF deliberately perpetrating a hoax to raise donations?

The ICUN graphic, propagated by MSNBC in 2006 was completely wrong. Possibly an intentional hoax to gain support for fighting "man made global warming." The ICUN was off by 66% in the Western Hudson Bay region alone.