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GSU student maimed in vicious hate crime assault

GSU hate crime victim tells reporters that his face is held together by four metal plates and pieces of surgical plastic. Photo from WSBTV Atlanta Channel 2.

A white Georgia State University student was brutally attacked and maimed by two black thugs. The thugs used brass knuckles and a wooden board to fracture his skull in four places.

Numerous factors indicate this was a racially motivated hate crime. The victim was attacked at random by people he did not know. After severely injuring the victim, the thugs did not steal any of the victim’s possessions.

Click here to watch interview from WSBTV, Atlanta Channel 2.

If the races were reversed this would be a major news event. However, since the victim is white, there is almost no media coverage. WSBTV is the only media outlet we can find that covered the story. They censored the physical description of the at large perpetrators in their story. WSBTV put political correctness ahead of public safety. As we have told you before, numerous major media bosses have now publicly confessed to censuring black crime.

The newscast briefly shows a grainy surveillance video of the perpetrators running away.

A close examination of the surveillance footage shows that the perpetrators are two black males with saggy pants. One of the perpetrators is using one hand to hold his pants up as he runs away

Another white female GSU student was recently mugged. WSBTV also censored the description of the at large suspect in that story.