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Hate crime horror show in Detroit

A vicious thug in Detroit has confessed to shooting and killing a sleeping white man in a small park. He appears to have killed him for the fun of it. The park is in a census track that is only 4% white. The victim was probably the only white man who ever goes to the park. Racial hatred is the most likely motive.

He is also accused of raping two women and shooting another woman in the back. The woman is in critical condition. The media is censoring the races of all the female victims. Fox 2 Detroit mentions interviewing the family of the female gunshot victim and looking at her Facebook page. We e-mailed the reporter and politely asked what race the victim was. Fox 2 reporter Maurielle Lue e-mailed back “why do you need to know what her race is what difference does that make.”

Earlier this year a white couple was murdered in an apparent racially motivated random double murder. The killings occurred in  the racially mixed southeastern corner of Detroit. The victims were abducted, tied up, tortured to death, and their bodies burned beyond recognition. Police say theft was not the motive as the male victim’s wallet was found still in his pocket. Local media barely covered the story.

Woman Shot While Walking Her Baby Fighting for Life, Mother Says: