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Hate crime victim describes racially motivated mob attack in Grand Rapids

I was a victim of a “Trayvon Martin” related Black on White Hate Crime.

Here is a copy of an email I sent to my government officers regarding what happened to me:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Government Officers of the State of Michigan, and others:

On Sunday 3/25/2012 at approximately 12:20AM, in Grand Rapids Michigan, near Sixth Street and Broadway, I was beaten with a large chain five to six times in my temple area (I could have died). This was for no reason other than that I am white. They did not rob me they just called me a white piece of shit and said I deserve it what I was getting. They did not only beat me but four to six others for the same reason (i.e. no robbery just racial hatred).

They beat me with a chain while calling me a white piece of shit. However, I was told by the detective that they would get no jail time since they are only 16 and 17.

So, if I was 17 and I beat 5 different black kids on five different occasions in a 48 hour period with a thick chain to their heads, all the while calling them “niggers”, what do you think would happen to me? Would they give me just boot camp, like the detective said, or would I be in prison for hate crimes and multiple accounts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill?

Why won’t they be charged as adults? Are not 5 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and 5 counts of ethnic intimidation enough for you to prosecute them as adults and enforce the laws of the State of Michigan regarding such matters?

I demand, as a citizen of the US and of the State of Michigan, that you uphold my civil rights. I demand that the people who beat me, and could have killed me, for no other reason than my color, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for assault with a deadly weapon and ethnic intimidation.

Jacob Nathaniel Palasek

These types of brutal hate crime mob attacks are occurring all over the nation and the media is covering it. The thugs are slapped on the wrist, if anything. The case described below is a textbook example of what the Federal hate crimes law was supposed to have been for. When local authorities refuse to prosecute racially motivated violence, the Feds are supposed to step in and pick up the slack. Do you think Eric Holder will actually do something?