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Hip Hop News website calls for April race riots

Major “Hip Hop” website calls for race riots over protests. Says riots bring results, while protests only make money Civil Rights leaders.


Days later, Civil Rights leaders held voter registration and fish fry rallies calling for the prosecution of Koontz, and people across the country sent used marshmallow bags to the Memphis Police Department in protest. Thirty days later, the murder is a distant memory, and Koontz has still not been charged with murder. However, the local civil rights organization has new office furniture, and the stock of Marvin’s Marshmallows has risen 100%. Sadly, the King family is without a son or Justice…

During the turbulent ’60s, according to Herbert Hains in his book, Black Radicals and the Civil Rights Movement, the Feds, corporations and philanthropic organizations shelled out major dollars in order to keep the peace.

Lou Cannon wrote in his book, Official Negligence, that after the looting of businesses during the L.A. Rebellion “RLA (Rebuild LA) promoted perhaps 500 million dollars of development in the riot area.”

As of this writing, all of the singin’ and marchin’ for justice for Trayvon hasn’t gotten us anything but sore throats and calluses.

Apparently, sometimes crime does pay.

How the powers-that-be can successfully contain public outrage in a post-”Occupy Wall Street” era of Twitter-generated flash mob protests, when more young people are getting their news from YouTube and Facebook than CNN and MSNBC, remains to be seen.

However, no matter how one chooses to express his sense of moral outrage, one thing is certain. This April, you better get your umbrella.

Thug shoots up police car near Zimmerman’s home. Notice 6 shots were fired, but only two hit a police cruiser. The perpetrator was probably holding his gun sideways.


A Sanford police car parked near the apartment complex of the Trayvon Martin shooting scene was found Tuesday morning with bullet holes in it, according to Sanford police.

The car was parked across the street from the Retreat at Twin Lakes apartment complex, near the front of Bentley Elementary School.

Police said no one was inside the cruiser, but gunfire knocked out at least one window on the car.

Witnesses said they hear at least six shots; two bullets hit the patrol car.

Police moved the car away from the scene, and an investigation is ongoing.

Another “Trayvon” inspired racially motivated mob attack in Florida.


Gainesville police are investigating the beating of a 27-year-old man that they believe to have been “racially motivated”.

The man was walking home from midtown bars in Gainesville early Saturday morning when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who yelled “Trayvon” before the attack.

Gainesville investigators told The Gainesville Sun that they believe the attack stemmed from the Martin case.

“We do believe that the crime was racially motivated,” Gainesville Police Department spokeswoman Cpl. Angelina Valuri said.

Valuri said the victim was white and the attackers were black.

Police said the victim had been drinking, so the only description he had of the attackers or their vehicle was that is was a mid-size vehicle. But Valuri did say that the victim’s injuries were consistent with being jumped by a group.

The victim told police that he was beaten for five minutes. He had injuries to his left eye, abrasions to his palms and a cut on his right knee cap. Valuri said he would likely have permanent damage to the left side of his face. He was taken to Shands Gainesville for treatment.