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Major black celebrities and the Nation of Islam

Rapper Ice Cube, has numerous songs promoting race war and Nation of Islam theology.

As we have discussed before, the Nation of Islam preaches that all white people are devils. All white people were created by an evil black wizard. They preach that an apocalyptic race war is coming and white people will be exterminated in North America.

Imagine if a major white celebrity spoke to the Ku Klux Klan. This would be a major news event and the man’s career would be over immediately. Black celebrities speak to the NOI, which preaches race war and racial extermination, and it is never mentioned in the media. Black celebrities can sing about race war and then get cast as a leading role in a children’s movie.

However, major black celebrities associate with and speak and Nation of Islam events. Dozens of black rap and hip hop artists belong to or support the Nation of Islam. Below are some of the biggest names.

Major black rap star/pop singer Kanye West spoke to the Nation of Islam in 2005. He may have spoken to the group again in 2009. Kanye West has, in the past, disrupted three major live televised events to go on racial rants. He also made a video recently called “My Dark Twisted Fantasy.” In the video he is a serial killer and all his victims are white women. However, West seems to only date white women and expresses a preference for white women in his lyrics, causing scandal in the Black Power community.

Comedian Dave Chapelle, who was at one time the highest paid actor on basic cable, is a member of the Nation of Islam. He married an Asian wife, which caused a scandal in the Black Power community.

Rap Star and actor Snoop Dogg is a member of the Nation of Islam. The rapper spoke at the 2009 Nation of Islam Saviors’ Day and presented Farrakhan with a check for $1,000.

Rap star and actor Ice Cube has a history of singing about Nation of Islam theology, including race war. He has attended Nation of Islam mosques and spoken at Nation of Islam events. Ice Cube is not just a supporter of the NOI, he gravited towards its most notorious leader. Dr. Khallid Muhammed, who became leader of the New Black Panther Party after Farrakhan deemed him to radical, is featured in several Ice Cube songs. Despite a history of writing, singing, and producing songs about race war, Ice Cube has been cast as a leading role in children’s movies. Walt Disney recently hired him to direct, produce, and star in a movie “Chrome and Paint.”

US Congressman Keith Ellison has written articles supporting the Nation of Islam.

US rap star Busta Rhymes is a member of an even more radical Nation of Islam splinter group called Nation of Gods and Earths/Five Percent Nation.

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