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Man in critical condition after hate crime mob attack

Update: Black mob yelled “This is Justice For Trayvon”

Owens. Victim of near fatal racially motivated mob attack on his own front porch.

A white man was brutally beaten by a mob of blacks in the street in broad daylight. The attack took place on the front porch of his own house. The victim’s sister says the mob included twenty people who used brass knuckles and paint cans to beat him with. The local media is in full CENSORSHIP mode. They do not want anyone to know that the perpetrators are black. It happened in a neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama.  A witness says men, women, and children participated in the attack. The victim is in critical condition.

All local media is still refusing to mention that all the attackers were black. However, News 5 in Mobile did mention that the attackers invoked Trayvon Martins’ name.

[youtube Q94GC3EdGZc]