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Massive media blackout over race of suspect in murder/infant kidnapping

Suspect Verna McClain. No media

Keagan Goldon, an infant has been found. A suspect is in custody for the murder gruesome public murder of his mother.

While this is a major national news story, there is a full media blackout over the race of the perpetrator. Eye witnesses to the murder described the perp as a black woman.

Now a Verna McClain, a black female has been arrested. Police have released her mug shot.

As readers of already know, major media bosses now admit to censoring black crime. In Grand Rapids, the media is censoring an entire race riot. Many newspapers and news affiliates now admit they have a policy of censoring black crime. Black on white crime is the most censored of all.

The media was given details about the killing that state the suspect is black. None of them mention this. Now the media has been given a mug shot, which none of them are showing!

All three of the major cable news networks are reporting on this story. All three have completely censored the suspect’s race and mug shot.