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Media rolls out two new idiotic lies about Trayvon Martin

New lie #1

The funeral home director says there were no bruises on Trayvon’s knuckles. This means there is “no sign that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.”

Facts: There would not be bruises on his knuckles anyway. Bruises take between several minutes to a day to form. However, once a persons’ heart stops, no bruises will form. Dead bodies do not bruise. Had Trayvon lived, his hands may or may not have bruised. Each person is different.

There is a second issue here as well. This is a black funeral director in a black neighborhood. If he actually came out and said there was evidence on the body, he would be fearing for his own safety and the future of his funeral home right now.

New lie #2

Two “audio experts” say that the voice screaming is not  Zimmerman, and therefore has to be Trayvon.

Facts: The father of Trayvon Martin already told police that the screams did not come from his son. This information has been public information since March 16th.

Neither “audio expert” has even heard a sample of Trayvon Martin’s voice. They both admit they have not heard any samples of Trayvon’s voice. They also admit that they have only heard the low resolution recording of Zimmerman’s 911 telephone call. In order to believe this new media lie, we would have to believe that two guys who have never heard Trayvon’s voice and have only heard a low resolution recording of Zimmerman over the telephone, are somehow a better judge of whose voice it is than the boy’s own father!

Neighbor defends George Zimmerman: