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Media still lying about the race of Jake England

The media is so desperate to have actual white on black crime to talk about, many “mainstream” media outlets are still falsely reporting that Jake England is white.

In the past 24 hours, Rueters, ABC National News, MSNBC, and others have published new articles claiming that Jake England is a white man.

Jake England has strong American Indian facial features. He is identified on a public court record as an “American Indian.” Jake England had Cherokee Nation specialty plates These are sold by the Cherokee Indian tribe for tribal members to identify themselves. At least two family friends have described Jake England as an “American Indian.”

At least four white people have been murdered by groups of blacks in Tulsa since last September. All of these were minor local stories where the media never even mentioned race.

Black on White Hate Crime Murder Victims in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

21-year-old Ethan Nichols and 18-year-old Carissa Horton were killed execution style in a racially motivated double killing in Tulsa, Oklahoma September 2011. The perpetrators were two black males. This crime was a “hush crime” that the media did not want to talk about. The race of the perpetrators was censored in media articles, and the story received only minor local coverage.

Bill Zachery was murdered by a gang of five black males in Tulsa, Oklahoma in January of 2012.

Then in March 2012, a group of black males raped and beat to death Nancy Strait, 85, in Tulsa Oklahoma. Her husband Bob Strait, 90, was also beaten and left for dead. He survived. This was only a minor local news story and media outlets censored the race of the perpetrators. This was another hush crime.

When two males, one American Indian and one white, killed three blacks in Tulsa it was an instant international media event. Every story screamed “white men” did it, even though one of them is an Indian. Obviously we are not seeing real journalism in the United States or Europe. The corrupt corporate media is nothing more than agitation and propaganda for the left-wing.