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Mel Gibson given hero's welcome on Jay Leno

by Kyle Rogers

Abe Foxman and the ADL must be exploding with rage. After demonizing Mel Gibson on the national media as an “anti-Semite,” he was greeted with a rousing standing ovation on the Tonight Show. Foxman’s “close confidant” Joe Eszterhas was ridiculed on the show.

Now Foxman has moved on to attacking Urban Outfitters. He is mad about a prototype of a shirt that was never even put into production. He claims the prototype reminded him of the Holocaust by having a patchwork chest embroidery that kinda sorta resembled a star of David. The ADL claimed the shirt “was extremely distasteful and offensive,” and a “new low” for Urban Outfitters. The ADL demanded “an immediate apology” and that the product no longer be sold. “Conservative” Fox News hyped the far-left ADL’s claims saying the shirt was “sinister” and “comes on the heels of Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

The ADL has a budget of $60 million a year and an army of employees. Despite their vast resources they did not even call Urban Outfitters to see if the shirt was actually being sold to the public. It turns out the photo was just a prototype from a “spring preview.” The shirt was never even placed into production. The media, including Fox News, gave the ADL national publicity to denounce something that never even existed.

It just goes to show how irrelevant the ADL is. Despite getting millions worth of free publicity from the media, traffic on their website is dismal. According the Alexa, now gets more traffic than the ADL. For an organization that has so much money, so many staffers, and gets so much free publicity, the performance of their website indicates that no one cares about them.