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Popular Miami rap band calls for race war over Trayvon

Miami based Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean. Calls for race war over Trayvon Martin shooting in new song.

The song was released by Miami based Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean. Think murderous hatred of white people is not commonplace in the black community? This guy performs at large venues in southern Florida and has multiple albums. This song was recorded at a Miami studio and released on his official youtube channel. Youtube has been bombarded with complaints and deleted the song once, but Zoeja just re-uploaded it.

[youtube Mkzu5F4xqHo]

all black in my hoodie
strapped up with those AKs
f–k protesting

lets start a riot
lets start a riot

fuck all these p—y crackers
their laws and their bulls–t
b—h we got ****
with Glocks with the full clip

gather round for Trayvon
gather round for Trayvon
every little brother
knock that cracker –s off

ride around in that Chevy
all black in that hoodie
hitting the corner real slow
light them up like Christmas

burn the house
and everybody in it
I don’t give a f–k
about his racist –s children

f–k all that bulls–t
protesting for justice
I feel like the black panthers
let’s start a f–king riot

Ain’t trying to talk like Dr. King
Like Malcom X I’m runnin hard
F–k them p—y –s KKK
We black and strapped with them A-K-K

they did us wrong in Haiti
they did us wrong in Africa
black folks let’s keep it real
these p—y crackers don’t love us

if we don’t do s–t
and leash that cracker
six months later
they’ll kill another brother