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Miscegenation horror show

Black male/white female groupings are glamorized in the media. In reality, miscegenation dramatically multiples the chances that a white female will die a premature death due to femicide or AIDS.

All of these horrific deaths were extremely easy to avoid. When a white female begins dating black males, the odds that she will die prematurely at a young age increases astronomically. A white female married to a black male is 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by her husband than a white female married to a white male. White females married to black males are the single highest risk category for spousal homicide. Black males who identify as heterosexual are 15 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDs

Click here to read more about the health risks of miscegenation.

White female femicide victims:

Columbia, SC, April 13th, head injury, black boyfriend suspected

Tunica, MS, April 6th, stabbed to death in Casino, black boyfriend charged

 St. Paul, MN, April 4th, fatal beating, black boyfriend charged

Beaumont, Texas, April 3rd, fatal stabbing, black boyfriend charged

Columbus, GA, March 31st, shot in thee chest with a shotgun by black boyfriend (victim only 16)

El Paso, TX, March 28th, black male friend charged

Jesup, Georgia: March 27th, “brutal” killing, black boyfriend charged

Philadelphia, PA, March 24th, stabbed and shot, black male friend charged

Tallahassee, FL, March 10th, shot execution style after leaving party with black male

Redonda Beach, CA, February 28th, 19 year old and 56 year old mother killed, Mexican boyfriend of 19 year old charged

Know any we missed?