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More details on Sanford Hammer attack

Yahaziel Israel, pictured at left, is a suspect in the attack. found Facebook posts from his father promoting the murderous Black Power Nation of Yahweh cult.

CofCC co-webmaster Kyle Rogers talked to a family member of the victim and published a full report on


On Monday evening, March 26th, two black males attacked a fifty year old white man just a few miles from where Trayvon Martin was shot. Police say he was initially attacked while sitting in the driver seat of his car. He was then drug out of his car and into a wooded area. The perpetrators then beat him in the head with a hammer and left him for dead. They fled in the victims car, but abandoned the vehicle a short distance away. The family believes the victim was on his way home from work and stopped at a store before being attacked right outside the Sanford city lines.

I managed to get in contact with a family member of the victim. They do not want his name given out, as they still fear for his safety. His injuries are severe and he is still in critical condition and now has pneumonia. 75% of his skull was damaged in the attack. The victim also has a broken arm, a broken hand, and a broken jaw. His family and friends ask that you please pray for his recovery.

The family commends the Sanford police for quickly finding and arrested the suspects. However, they say the Sanford police are very reluctant to treat it as a hate crime.​

At the same time the gruesome hammer attack took place, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panther Party were all holding events in the area. This may have played a direct role in the near fatal attack. Tensions and fears of a riot were extremely high in Sanford that night.