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NASCAR diversity program rejected Puerto Rican for being fair-skinned

Photo from AOL Sports News

NASCAR has been actively insulting their white fan base for a while. Now a Puerto Rican is suing NASCAR for being ejected from their diversity program.

Michael Rodriguez technically qualified for the NASCAR diversity program because he is Puerto Rican. However, NASCAR decided he wasn’t the kind of “Hispanic” they are looking for. Rodriquez is very fair-skinned.

Rodriguez was allegedly told he looked like the “poster boy for the Ku Klux Klan” by one of NASCAR’s diversity recruiters. A company called Access was handling NASCAR’s diversity recruitment program at the time. NASCAR has since ended their relationship with Access after they failed to find enough minority drivers.

Rodriguez is suing NASCAR for discrimination. NASCAR argued in court last week that it has the right to discriminate against white people if it is pursuing a more diverse image.

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