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National Review caving to far-left on Derbyshire

As reported before John Derbyshire, who sat opposite of Jared Taylor in a debate on race in 2006, wrote an article for saying whites and Asians should avoid black people for their own safety.

Derbyshire is a regular writer for the National Review magazine. The National Review also broadcasts “Radio Derb” by John Derbyshire over the internet each Friday.

The radical left is demanding that National Review fire Derbyshire.

National Review editor Rich Lowry described Derbyshire’s article as “appalling.”

National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote that Derbyshire’s column, “fundamentally indefensible and offensive. I wish he hadn’t written it.”

The April 6th broadcast of “Radio Derb” on the National Review website was apparently cancelled over the article.

What makes the comments by Lowry and Goldberg particularly idiotic is the fact that National Review was founded by William F. Buckley, Jr. as a pro-Segregation magazine in 1955.

In 1957 the magazine wrote “the central question that emerges… is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes – the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race.”

The far-left and the black race hustlers keep demanding an “open and honest conversation about race.” However, once they get open and honest dialog they come unhinged. All Derbyshire did was speak openly about how millions of white people feel. What black race hustlers and white leftists really want, is for blacks to talk and for whites to condescend their every demand.