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NBC Kansas City airs fake news report about CofCC

Leonard Zeskind is a self-described revolutionary Communist. The entire news segment is a desperate act by a far-left media outlet with no moral compass.

The left-wing media is getting desperate. You can see the desperation in this fake news report.

The Kansas City NBC news affiliate enlisted Leonard Zeskind, a former front man for a self-described Revolutionary Communist organization, to denounce the CofCC and lie about the content of our newspaper. Zeskind is so radical he is even considered an extremist by others in the left-wing in Kansas City.

Zeskind was a front man for the now defunct militant Communist group the Sojourner Truth Organization [STO]. The groups’ stated goal was “to motivate the working classes to make a revolution.” The group praised mass murderer Joseph Stalin. Zeskind was also part of a group called the NAKN, which the publication of the American Communist Party described as “pro-Peking Stalinist.” Bruce Rodgers, editor of the liberal KC Pitch has denounced Zeskind personally calling him “elusive, paranoid, near hysterical.” He once wrote about the STO saying “they surface on occasion to distract and intimidate non-violent groups working for social change.”

Zeskind is also a fundraising hustler who runs the IREHR. The group was launched in 2009 as a more openly far-left version of the SPLC, to compete for a slice of the $15 million donation pie that the SPLC rakes in each year. Zeskind’s most recent exploit was conning the NAACP into hiring him to write an expose on “racism in the Tea Party movement.” The report was so poorly done that it blew up in the face of the NAACP and made them look like idiots on a national stage.

Zeskind, who the station fictitiously bills as an expert, makes blatantly false claims about the content of our newspaper. The entire segment can be regarded as a hoax news piece. The respected political analyst Laird Wilcox has described Zeskind as engaging in “ritual defamation” of his opponents. Clearly you can see that ritual defamation in this flim flam news piece.

Ethical standards in journalism dictate that the CofCC should have been offered a chance to defend itself in the news segment. The literature shown on-screen contained by national and local contacts. However, the station is without any moral compass. Fortunately, in the aftermath of the string of Trayvon Martin hoaxes, no one believes anything the corrupt left-wing corporate media says any more.

This segment is from last February. However, we only just now learned about it. Two other Kansas City news outlets did call us. They published small blurbs about our paper but did not call us any infantile names or enlist a revolutionary Communist to lie about the content of our newspaper.

Tell Kansas City NBC Channel 41 that you don’t buy their fake news.

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This is what happened when the NAACP went public with the information they hired Revolutionary Communist Leonard Zeskind to write for them. The corrupt left-wing media pumped up this press conference for two days with national news. Then when the actual press conference took place, the media censored it. No footage of this train wreck was shown anywhere. After 48 hours of buildup, the story suddenly disappeared when the press conference took place. The entire event brought shame and humiliation on the NAACP and severely damaged their reputation among the general public.

[youtube tf8eEHi2gOc]