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New Hate Crime Horror in St. Louis

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A 52 year old white female who works at a restaurant was abducted by three black males. She was then tortured and gang raped for four hours. She escaped after four hours. Had she not have escaped, she would probably be dead.

Just a week and a half ago, two or three black malea from St. Louis drove way out into an all white suburban area and abducted a white female victim. The victim was stuffed in a trunk. The victim got the trunk open and jumped out of the car while it was going 30 miles per hour.


Three men face several charges in connection to the alleged kidnapping and rape of a woman outside a south St. Louis bar.Lawrence Brandon, Antoin Brewer and Antonieo Deobra were each charged with kidnapping, two counts of forcible rape, seven counts of armed criminal action, two counts of forcible sodomy, two counts of stealing a motor vehicle and two counts of robbery.