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Newsweek: Zimmerman should enter plea so blacks don't riot

Forget Justice the Newsweek/Daily Beast website is says crucify Zimmerman to appease the black lynch mob.

The Daily Beast is the new home of Newsweek magazine after it was “sold” for $1. In 2007, Newsweek began aggressively promoting the Obama campaign. This caused circulation to plummet 38% in 07 and 08. Then in 09 came the infamous “Is Your Baby Racist?” cover. The article inside was viciously anti-white. It could have been written by the New Black Panther Party. The CofCC called on members to urge their barbers, doctors, ect. to cancel office subscription. This issue fueled a 32% freefall in circulation in 2010. In November, 2010 the magazine was sold for $1. The Washington Post company lost $56 million on the magazine in 2.25 years. The

The Newsweek/Daily Beast claims that appeasing black militants is more important that giving Zimmerman a fair trial. He also spouts the myth that Neo-Nazis are patrolling Sanford. Every respectable media outlet who originally reported that story has now written a retraction.

From Newsweek/Daily Beast…

As George Zimmerman faces murder charges for shooting Trayvon Martin, it’s worth asking if America is in danger of facing Rodney King, Part II?

That’s what I see down the tracks: If this case goes all the way to trial, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. The time is now for strong hands to take the helm and steady the ship of state—not to mention our national racial, political and legal discourse. The paramount concern has to be to avert a large-scale racial calamity.

As Touré recently wrote, if sane adults are not careful, deliberate and measured in the handling of the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman affair, a dark time could descend upon America.

Look what’s already festering on the streets of Sanford, Florida. On the one hand we’ve got the three stooges of the New Black Panther Party running around Sanford, spouting off crazy ideas and becoming a total embarrassment to more thoughtful and reasoning blacks who simply want justice. On the other we’ve got the equally clownish neo-Nazis, goose-stepping around on their self-appointed mission to protect the white race. In this environment it wouldn’t take much to ignite the racial power keg we’re sitting on. One false or ill-conceived move in this case could allow the loony inmates—not Zimmerman’s current neighbors, but those who are imprisoned by their long-simmering racial hatreds—to fan the incendiary flames of bigotry into full-blown conflagrations of violence across the land.