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NOI: Farrakhan did say miscegenation is the end of the white race

Glen Beck’s the Blaze has been covering Louis Farrakhan’s speaking tour. The staff of thinks it’s great that the popular website is getting the information out. However, the person doing the write-ups has misinterpreted some of his statements. They previously ran a headline stating that Farrakhan said miscegenation was the death of the black race. Drudge Report ran the same headline. wrote before that Farrakhan was saying miscegenation between blacks and whites is the death of the white race. He then makes a cryptic statement that essential meant blacks are winning the race war with their sperm instead of their bullets.

Just so their would be absolutely no confusion we e-mailed the Nation of Islam. A staff member wrote us back today and said “He was referring to the white race ceasing to exist.”

The NOI is releasing a new e-mail that states “racial conflict is inevitable” under our present political climate. The book blames white people.