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Occupy Wall Street leaders move to kick out George Soros/Obama groups

#Defendoccupy is a twitter campiagn by Adbusters to attack the new 99%Spring outfit.

Occupy Wall Street is in the middle of a Civil War. At the heart of the battle is George Soro’s and the Obama re-election campaign. Many ideologically motivated Occupy members are finding it hard to reconcile opposition to corporatism and support for Obama and George Soros.

From AdBusters

“First they silenced our uprising with a media blackout… then they smashed our encampments with midnight paramilitary raids… and now they’re threatening to neutralize our insurgency with an insidious campaign of donor money and co-optation. This counter-strategy worked to kill off the Tea Party’s outrage and turn it into a puppet of the Republican Party. Will the same happen with Occupy Wall Street? Will our insurgency turn into the Democrats’ Tea Party pet?”

Groups like AdBusters are trying to revive the Occupy movement with a general strike on May 1st, the Communist holiday. A group calling itself “99% Spring” is holding activist training seminars around the country. It’s opponents say it is a George Soro’s funded front group for and the Obama re-election campaign.