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One out of every 12 murders is a black killing a non-black

This chart has made it into the “mainstream” but all Latinos are classified as “white” to portray whites in a worse light. The Federal government continues to classify all Latinos, Arabs, and many central Asians as whites in homicide offender statistics. There is only a “Hispanic” victim category. So if a Mexican of Amerindian racial stock kills a white person, the Feds call that “white on white” homicide. If a white persons kills an Amerindian immigrant it is “white on Hispanic.”

This data comes from the Scripps Howard News Service analysis of 555,179 homicides. Corrected to reflect missing Latino category. The final category is any homicide in which one or both parties is either an Asian or an American Indian.

Homicide Type               1980s     1990s     2000s

W/L on W/L                     46.3%    42.1%     43.8%

B on B                                 41.3%     42.9%     39.2%

W/L on B                           3.4%       3.8%        4.2%

B on W/L                           6.2%       7.6%        8.1%

Asian/AI                           2.8%        3.6%        4.7%

What we can tell from this is that a growing percentage of all murders are black vs. non-black. One out of every twelve murders in the United States is black vs. a non-black.  The percentage of black being murdered by a non-black has risen as the number of Latinos has surged.

Even though the total numbers of murders in the USA has gone down in this time period, the total number of non-blacks killed by a black has risen.

The overall number of blacks being killed by a non-black is actually decreasing. However, the number of non-blacks killed by a black is increasing. Blacks killed slighty more non-blacks in the 2000s than the 1980s, even though the total number of murders was substantially less than in the 2000s.

One out of 12 murders in the US is a non-black being killed by a black. One out of 24 murders is a black being killed by a white or Latino. Latinos commit murder at a rate 3 times that of whites. In certain parts of the country Latino on black murders are fairly common. In the future, will try to estimate the percentage of murders that are Latino on black using local data.