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Orlando Sentinel; Censorship and fake news

Orlando Sentinel. Perpetrated a fraud over Trayvon Martin, and then censoring the near fatal black on white hammer attack. No well informed person will ever take them seriously ever again.

by Kyle Rogers

The Orlando Sentinel was told by the Sanford PD on March 16th that the father of Trayvon Martin confirmed that the voice screaming on the 911 tape is not Trayvon Martin. The staff of the Orlando Sentinel knew better than anyone that the screaming voice on the 911 tapes were not Trayvon.

Yet two weeks later the Orlando Sentinel actively pushed a fake story claiming the screams were from Trayvon. The Sentinel gives the extremely far fetched description of a man named Tim Owen as “a leading expert in the field of forensic voice identification.” Owen says the screams are Trayvon’s even though Owen admits that he has no idea what Trayvon’s voice even sounds like. The Orlando Sentinel admits to contacting Owen themselves and recruiting him to make the claim! No one can independently verify the claim Owen makes unless they buy a software package he puts out at a price of $5,000! investigated Owen’s background. They concluded that all his certifications came from his own company. In others words, he is just a self-described “expert.”

Newspapers are supposed to report the news. Yet the Orlando Sentinel knew the truth and concocted this easily disprovable flim flam story. I believe that the Zimmerman 911 story by NBC National News, the police video story by ABC National News, and this 911 screams story by Orlando Sentinel are all full fledged intentional hoaxes. I think it is perfectly fair to say that all three of these media outlets have perpetrated a hoax.

NBC National News has issued an apology for propagating their hoax story concerning Zimmerman’s 911 calls. ABC National News admits that their hoax story about Zimmerman’s supposed lack of injuries was false. ABC fell short of admitting that it was an intentional hoax. The Orlando Sentinel has yet to issue any apology or retraction.

The Orlando Sentinel has 386 Trayvon Martin stories on their website. Race is a major theme in most, if not all. Many have references to race in the headlines.

Meanwhile, two black thugs brutally attacked a 50-year-old white man only a few miles from the Trayvon Martin shooting. They attacked him while he was sitting in his car. Then drug him out of the car and beat him in the head with a hammer. Since the Orlando Sentinel mentions race in every Trayvon article, they’d tell you what race the perps and victim were right? WRONG! The Orlando Sentinel censored race in the two articles they published. The race of the victim and the suspects was intentionally censored in the first article. The paper even printed the description of the suspects, but censored race from the description. Political correctness was far more important than catching two ultra-violent at large suspects. The second article contained mug shots of the suspects, but continued to censor the race of the victim.

The author of the articles confirmed to a reader that race was intentionally censored from the two articles on purpose saying “we don’t generally use the race unless there is a reason.” I think we can all see what standard the Orlando Sentinel uses when deciding what stories to mention race!

Meanwhile, connected one of the suspects to the murderous Black Power Nation of Yahweh cult led by Yahweh Ben Yahweh. The leader served time in prison for fourteen murders, two attempted murders, and other crimes carried out by his members. The Orlando Sentinel could have easily figure this out themselves, but they probably wouldn’t actually report it if they did.

This is why the Orlando Sentinel is dying.The paper has been losing 5-11% of its circulation a year for several years now. Newspapers like to blame the internet. However, a big part of it is the fact that no one wants to read their left-wing propaganda. admits having a conservative bias. We are a national conservative activist group. Newspapers like the Orlando Sentinel claim no bias as they advance a radical far-left agenda. Not only are their articles dishonest, but the whole paper is dishonest about its intent. articles on the censored Sanford attempted murder.

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