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Police allegedly tell white hate crime victim "let it go"

Stabbing victim says police were scared of black motorcycle gang and said "we don't mess" with the Outcasts.

This case is the exact textbook reason why Federal hate crimes laws were supposedly enacted. Think Eric Holder is going to rush to this guys aid?

A white man was stabbed by a black motorcycle gang in Alabama. The “mainstream” media covered it up. The local Birmingham news did not even report it. What is particularly shocking is that the police seem to have refused to pursue the case. The victim says police told him that they don’t mess with the black gang who stabbed him.

The local Birmingham News did not even cover the story.

Article by Selwn Duke…

A couple of days ago I reported on the stabbing of white truck driver Nick Stokes by members of a black motorcycle gang called the Outcasts of Alabama. It’s not merely a scary story but also an unusual one, mostly because of the behavior of law enforcement. The Adamsville, AL police department not only failed to question or detain any of the gangsters, but, outrageously, also told Stokes that they “don’t mess” with the Outcasts.

What isn’t at all unusual about the story is the mainstream media’s reluctance to cover a case of black-on-white crime. In particular, I cited the Birmingham News (BN), whose crime-beat reporter, Carol Robinson, had brusquely dismissed the incident as not newsworthy. She now has finally treated it – no doubt as a result of pressure – but in a manner so incomplete that it reflects a grudging attitude. More on that in a moment.

The BN’s dereliction of duty didn’t escape its readers, some of whom savaged the paper in the comments section under Robinson’s piece. One wrote, “Wow. Birmingham News finally prints this story. Only after being shamed into it by the American Thinker….” Another quipped, “Hey Birmingham news, if you don’t watch out someone is gonna start a newspaper around here.” We can only hope.

It appears Robinson doesn’t want to do much, given the nature of her reportage.  Consider that while she provides the basic details of the attack on Stokes, she omits the most newsworthy part of the story: the police’s admission that they “don’t mess” with a local band of criminals.

Instead, she is one-sided.  She quotes Adamsville Police Chief Bob Carter and writes, “‘It [the crime] was never viewed lightly by the Adamsville Police Department.  All I can tell you is in any investigation, there is a search for the truth,’ the chief said. ‘We’re trying to get to the bottom of it, and prosecute whoever is guilty of wrongdoing.’”  This is fine and dandy, but it’s also damage-control boilerplate.  What is striking about the story is Stokes’ claim that a police officer told him, “We don’t mess with those Outcast guys.”  They also advised him to let the matter go because the gang could come after him.  And I tend to doubt he’s lying.