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Was Sanford, FL man arrested for self-defense?

Corey Rose was pistol whipped in the back of the head by a black man yelling a racial slur. Rose was forced to pull his own gun and defend himself.

Corey Rose after being placed under arrest. Notice the bruises and scratches.

According to witnesses a black assailant named Brandon Long was waving a gun at a group of people at an apartment complex. Corey Rose spoke to the man and then turned to walk away. As he turned around, Long yelled a racial slur and pistol whipped him across the side of his head. The victim was forced to pull out his own gun in self-defense. Long fired once and then took cover.

Rose felt like he had to neutralize the threat before he could let down his guard. He crept around the car and shot Long multiple times until he dropped the gun.

One witness told the media he believed it was clear-cut self-defense. An anchorman indicates that other witnesses alkso thought the shooting was self-defense. However, Police have arrested the shooter and charged him with first degree attempted murder.

The whole event happened a few miles from where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

Fears of a race riot are still high in Sanford and the rest of central Florida. Was Rose arrested and charged to keep blacks from rioting in Sanford?

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