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NBPP: We receive financial support from entertainers and athletes

According to NBPP press releases, black pop star Andre 3000 spoke at the 2010 NBPP "Black Power Convention" in Atlanta.

A leader of the New Black Panther Party [NBPP] told First Coast News that his group receives financial support from “entertainers and athletes.” He says that blacks people who do not support the NBPP are “cowards” and says “soon we are going to have to take you out ourselves.”

In the past the NBPP has been publicly supported by Al Sharpton, Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Ice Cube, Andre 3000, Source Magazine, and numerous other black celebrities.

The NBPP is basically a Nation of Islam [NOI] splinter group. It preaches the same theology, it is just much more aggressive about the race war part of NOI theology. Louis Farrakhan got burned out on promoting race war years ago.

The group was founded in Milwaukee in the late 80s. In the late 90s, former Nation of Islam National Youth Minister Khallid Muhammed became its leader. It become a magnet for Nation of Islam followers who thought Farrakhan had gone to soft. The group advocates Nation of Islam theology and believes they are preparing for an apocalyptic race war with the white man.

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