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Tulsa Shooting suspect Jake England is an American Indian

Media pulls a Zimmerman.

Update: Eight hours after published this information, the AP published an article which talked about Jake England being a Cherokee Indian. However, many media outlets are still hyping the story as a white on black triple murder. Please help us expose the media by tweeting and facebook sharing this article.

This is the second time in a month that the international media has been falsely hyping a “racist white spree killer.” The last one was in Paris and turned out to be a Muslim immigrant from North Africa. The perpetrator was a professional Jihadist that the US military have already once captured in Afghanistan and deported back to France. The French government had been coddling this killer even though he was well known to be a dangerous threat to society. When the actual perpetrator was caught, it went from the single  biggest news story in the whole world to a whisper.

Note: The purpose of this expose is not to make light of a triple murder. It is to expose the mass hypocrisy of the “mainstream” media. White people are attacked by blacks in brutal hate crimes daily all over the nation. These crimes are heavily censored and never make the nation news, much less the international news.

Jake England, the suspect in the multiple shooting in Oklahoma identifies as an American Indian.

The suspected shooter, Jacob Carl “Jake” England is listed as “American Indian or Alaskan Native” in a public record for a misdemeanor charges of driving under suspension in 2011. A message on his facebook page (which Facebook deleted just minutes ago) refers to him as having an “Indian heritage.” The woman who posted the message identifies herself as being a member of the Cherokee Indian tribe.

Here is the case summary. The arresting officer initially put a dramatically different height and weight, along with listing him as “white.” However, when Jake went to his court date, his weight was lowered 30 pounds, his height 3 inches, and his race was changed to “American Indian or Alaskan Native.” Apparently the officer who initially arrested him did very shoddy job with the paperwork.

Jake has strong American Indian facial features including epicanthic folds, high flaring cheek bones, sparse facial hair, and a weak chin. He is also listed at only 5’5″ tall last October. He even has a mohawk. He attended Sperry High in Tulsa, which is listed as 37% American Indian.

Jakes’ fiance Sheran Wilde committed suicide last January at age 24. She left behind three children. One of the kids appears to be Jake’s. Sheran probably has a lot of American Indian ancestry as well. Her father goes by the American Indian nickname “Cochise.” Jake’s sister also has pictures of herself online and has the same epicanthic fold and wide flaring cheek bones.

Jake is actually far more American Indian looking than actor Taylor Lautner, who plays an Indian in the Twilight movies. Lautner has actually been described in media as an “American Indian Actor.” Apparently Lautner has recently stated that he only has one distant American Indian ancestor. Funny how the media decides to call Lautner an American Indian, but Jake England is “a white man.”

The media is gleefully calling him a “white man” for the same reason they called Zimmerman “a white man.” It fits the narrative that the media wants.

Of course the main issue here is the fact that black on white violent crime is censored in the press. Any time a black is hurt by someone the media can claim is white it is a major nationwide media event. has compiled lists of confessions from media figures who admit to censoring black crime.

At least three white people have been murdered by blacks in Tulsa since last September. A fourth was cruelly beaten and left for death, but survived.

85 year old woman sexually assaulted and beaten to death by blacks. 90 year old husband survives attack. March 2012

Two white college students killed execution style by blacks in Tulsa. September 2011

Update: We have just received word from a reader in Finland that “white man shoots three blacks” is on the news in Finland. The murder of a white person by a black person is a minor censored story. Ask yourself why is this an international media event. Start demanding that the media report the daily black on white murders.