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Slur is national news, but death threats aren't even local news

Outrageous media treatment of “racist” vandalism: In Michigan someone doctored an electronic Highway sign to refer to Trayvon Martin as a racial slur. This was a national news story. CBS National news, MSNBC, and other major outlets aired the story. In Milwaukee, someone vandalized some mailbox with graffiti calling for the murder of white people as revenge for Trayvon Martin. This incident is tiny blip in a small suburban paper. Not a major national news story, not even one line in the left-wing Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Milwaukee has seen a huge number of violent black on white crimes in the recent past.

From Franklin Now…

Residents in Franklin got some unexpected mail recently – along with some current events and social commentary.

According to the Franklin police reports:

On April 3, residents in the 10200 block of Scepter Circle reported that someone had taped a black and white photo of Trayvon Martin, with the word “Revenge” in red, to several mailboxes.

In a separate incident, a resident in the 10200 block of West St. Martins Road reported two stickers were placed on his mailbox, one with a picture of Trayvon Martin with “Revenge” written in red, the other was a fist that said “Kill Whitey.”

Special watches were requested in both cases.