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Suspect in Sanford area hammer attack

Hammer attack suspect Yahaziel Israel. Photo from his Facebook account. Israel is the one on the left that looks like he could be Obama's son.

Yesterday, brought a huge amount of attention to the near fatal hammer attack on a fifty year old white man near Sanford, FL. Despite publishing over a hundred articles on Trayvon, where race was a prominent theme over and over, the Orlando Sentinel censored race in their coverage of this vicious attack. A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel confirmed to a reader that they knew the victim was white, but purposefully omitted it from their two articles about the attack. He said “We don’t generally use the race unless there is a reason.”

Of particular interest in the suspect named Yahaziel Israel. We have been bombarded with e-mails from people wanting to know why he has a Hebrew/Israeli name. His name could mean he is connected to one of several different “Black Hebrew” or “Black Israelite” cults. These groups are similar to the Nation of Islam. Instead of following a fantasy Black supremacist version of Islam, they follow a fantasy black supremacist version of Judaism.

Israel’s Facebook page lists the surname of his father and a cousin as “Lux.”

On Yahaziel Israel’s Facebook page his lists his location as Sanford, FL. The same town where Trayvon was shot and receive a solid month as a national news story.

Under photos, Israel has a collection of mugshots of his friends on Facebook. This is what Yahaziel Israel put for his Facebook bio:

shit fresh out prison just chhilling

The headline of his Myspace page is “NUMB@ 1 NIGG@.” Under favorite books, his myspace bio reads:

i would rather read a book den juss sit dere n be bord but i reallly dont like ta read n im not the only one u feel me

Update: The victim is still listed in critical condition.

A few other media outlets have now reported this story. The incident report from police lists the victim as white. Race was the leading theme, usually mention in the first couple sentences, of every Trayvon Martin article. The media is going to tell people the victim was a white man right?

First Coast News – race of victim is censored.
MSNBC – race of victim and race of suspects are censored.
Central Florida News – race of victim is censored.

Also the reporter for the Orlando Sentinel admitted that the race of the victim was purposefully censored. The paper censored the race of the suspects in their original article.

UPDATE: It turns out local station WFTV aired a detailed segment on the story Monday night and did not censor race in their story. Out of four local media outlets around Orlando, WFTV Channel 9 is the only one that did not censor race.