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Tampa NBPP chapter leader tells members to prepare for race war

Tampa NBPP leader tells members to prepare for eminent race war.

In a conference call, a female NBPP leader Michelle Williams (what no fake Muslim name?) tells members to get “suited, booted, and armed up for this race war.”

Says race war is long overdue with “these honkeys, these crackers, these pink poeple, these pigs.” She also calls for the death George Zimmerman and says “I am for violence” and “and pissed off that the state of Florida is not on fire right now.” Says real black men “aren’t scared to kill a cracker.”

Another male NBPP leader then says that blacks are about to cross a sea of blood and do battle with the white race. He calls white people devils and demons.

He says that the NBPP is currently engaged in military training in Florida to prepare it’s members. He calls on all members too stock pile water, food, survival supplies, guns, and ammo.

Remember, this is not an isolated tiny segment of the black population. This group has received public support in the past from Al Sharpton, black actor and rap star Ice Cube, and black pop star Andre 3000.

NBPP Tampa Chapter