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The mindset of the far-left

Michael D'Antuono as his painting he calls "The Truth"

D’Antuono would be a world famous satire artist if it wasn’t for the fact that he actually believed what he paints is true.

In fact, D’Antuono has done cover artwork for satire magazines National Lampoon and Cracked. He is also a favored artists among the Occupy Movement for his anti-banker paintings.

Remember the painting of Obama depicted as Jesus Christ? The radical left was gaga over it. Well, the extreme left-wing painter is at it again.

D’Antuono is at it again. His new painting really captures the Zimmerman/Martin narrative that “mainstream” media was pushing. Sadly, D’Antuono didn’t mean it as a parody.

D’Antuono’s “Tale of Two Hoodies” is supposed to capture the “nightmare” experienced by Trayvon Martin. Instead of a hulking 6’2″ athlete with gold teeth and big tattoos, Trayvon looks like a nine year old. The Zimmerman character is a tall chubby fair-skinned KKK member with a Confederate flag. In reality Zimmerman is short skinny Latino who probably would not even recognize a Confederate flag.

Take a look at the parody artwork published. It’s pretty much the same concept as this man’s painting.

D'Antuono's "Tale of Two Hoodies." Belongs on the cover of Cracked Magazine.