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Toledo police/media downplay hate crime beating

Toledo Police Captain Bombrys, right. He says the perps should not be charged with a hate crime for an attack on a frail 78 year old man. Photo from Toldeo Blade.

The Toledo police say 78-year-old Dallas West was attacked and robbed. However, they accused him of exaggerating. They also claim the attack was not racially motivated.

Police say one of the six attackers was white. However, the identities of all the attackers is redacted in police reports because they are juveniles. It is impossible for anyone to verify if the suspect is really white or what role he played in the attack.

Imagine the races were reversed. Do you think the media and the police would be siding with the perpetrators and accusing the 78 year old victim of “exaggerating?” Compare the media’s treatment of this story with the coverage of Trayvon Martin.

West says the thugs beat him up while yelling racial charged comments and saying “this is for Trayvon.” West is asking the DOJ to file Federal hate crimes charges. The purpose of Federal hate crimes charges is so the DOJ can step in, when local police do not take racially motivated violence seriously.

The suspects tell police that they attacked Dallas West because he “used a racial slur.” This is the standard excuse given nearly 100% of the time when a black perpetrator attacks a white person. Police cite the suspects’ accounts as their reason for downplaying the attack on a frail 78-year-old man.

The local media now seems to be blaming the frail 78 year for mentioning Trayvon first. After the attackers had surrounded the elderly man, he says that he told them “why are you picking on me? Remember Trayvon.” West says that he thought invoking Trayvon’s name would show solidarity with the thugs and diffuse things. Instead he says the thugs attacked him.

The Toledo Blade also admits they have a policy of censoring race.

From Toledo Blade…

Police say the robbery and assault of a 78-year-old Toledo man by six juveniles were not racially motivated and his account of what happened might have been exaggerated.

On Thursday, Toledo police Capt. Wes Bombrys said investigators determined the crime involving Dallas Watts was not racially motivated. On Friday, police Sgt. Phil Toney agreed, adding, “After the investigation, it was revealed that the story told by Mr. Watts was somewhat exaggerated, although he was assaulted and robbed. His story as to how everything happened appears to be a little bit exaggerated.

Dallas West. Photo from Toldedo Blade

” … It’s causing issues here that shouldn’t be here,” Sergeant Toney said. “Let the police and courts do what they need to do and handle it. The people who robbed and assaulted Watts have been charged.”

The teens, one white and five black according to police, ranged in age from 11 to 17. The 11-year-old and the 17-year-old were charged with robbery.

The story, which was first made public Tuesday, drew wide response from people across the country, many of whom believed all of the juveniles were black or demanded the race of the youths be part of the reporting.

“People should not be jumping to conclusions about what they think is going on,” Sergeant Toney said. “They don’t have all the facts and they really should step back and let the police do their job. That’s one of the main problems, is people jump to support this or that, and they don’t even have all the facts.”

It is The Blade’s policy not to include race in a crime-related story unless the incident is labeled, by police, as racially motivated or when describing an at-large suspect. It is also The Blade’s policy not to identify juveniles by name unless they are charged with a felony offense such as murder.

Mr. Watts told police that he was walking home from an East Toledo gas station after buying a treat for his dogs when the six youths boxed him in and assaulted him after he made mention of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old who was shot dead by a Neighborhood Watch captain in Sanford, Fla., in February.