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Trayvon Martin doubled back, wasn't followed by Zimmerman

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The narrative that George Zimmerman defied police and followed Trayvon is a media hoax.

The 911 call by George Zimmerman was four minutes and five seconds long. If Trayvon Martin was actually heading back to his father’s girlfriends’ townhouse, he would have reached the townhouse before the three minute mark. He was .1 mile or less than the townhouse when he took off running. Trayvon should have been home and had his skittles half eaten by the time George Zimmerman even hung up the phone.



A – The Clubhouse for Retreat at Twin Lakes.
B – Community mailboxes.
C – Where George Zimmerman parked his truck.
D – Brandy Green’s Townhouse, where Trayvon was staying.
E – Zimmerman stopped and completed his 911 call for approximately eighty seconds.
F – The fight and shooting took place in this area.
G – Eyewitness “John’s” townhouse.

0:15 – The best address I can give you is the clubhouse. [A]
0:45 – He’s just staring at the houses. Now he’s staring at me.
1:00 – He’s coming towards me.
1:20 – He’s coming to check me out.
2:08 – Shit, he’s running.
2:14 – Sound of truck door being closed. [C]
2:20 – He’s heading towards the back entrance. [referring to E]
2:25 – Are you following him? Yep.
2:45 – He ran… Zimmerman stops and completes the 911 call. [E]
4:05 – Call ends.

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