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Two 14 year old girls carjack woman

An adult female offered two 14 year old girls a ride home because it was raining. After the driver stopped where the girls’ said they lived, they violently attacked her and stole the car. The attack occurred in a census track that is 92% black.

From Charleston News 2…

Ravenell explains “The 21-year-old victim was giving the two girls, she did not know, a ride on Sunday evening because it was raining. After stopping at a house, one of the suspects got out of the vehicle to knock on the door. When that suspect returned, she pulled the victim out of the vehicle, threw her on the ground and kneed her in the head. The suspect got into the victim’s vehicle and drove off. Officers located the stolen vehicle on Tuesday near the intersection of Bramble Lane and Bonneville Drive in a wooded area. The suspects have been detained since Tuesday at the Department of Juvenile Justice on charges of carjacking, assault and battery – third degree, and driving without a license. “