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Two multiple killings in Tulsa

21-year-old Ethan Nichols and 18-year-old Carissa Horton were killed execution style in a racially motivated hate crime. It happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma last September. This crime was a "hush crime" that the media did not want to talk about.

Hush Crime: Last September, two college students were attacked at a park and murdered execution style. Racial hatred appears to be the primary motivation. This double-murder was a minor local news story. Many media outlets censored the race of the perpetrators.

Hate Crime: Then you have the recent spree shooting in Tulsa. Two men allegedly shot five people, killing three, apparently out of racial hatred. Apparently the shootings were to get revenge for the murder of one of the shooters father by a member of the targeted racial group. This was an instant major nation-wide media event even before the suspects had been caught.

Why was one a hate crime and one a hush crime? Because the two college students were murdered by blacks. A type of crime that is very common. A type of crime that the media does not want people to know is happening every day in the US. The other shooting is white (marginally) on black. This is a type of murder that is very rare. However, the media would like you to believe it happens all the time. It finds the media’s political agenda.

Suspect Jake England’s father was murdered by a black man on April 5th, 2010. The perp was slapped on the wrist with only a minor conviction and a six year jail sentence. His 24 year old fiances apparently committed suicide three months ago, leaving behind three children.

Alleged shooter Jake England, and alleged accomplish Alvin Watts. England appears to have strong American Indian features. There is a post on his facebook page from a friends referring to his "Indian heritage." However the media simply calls him "white man." Their alleged shooting is an instant nationwide media event.