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University study on IQs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Researchers from the University of Ulster and Ross University in Dominica examined the average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa. The study was published in 2010. The results would explain the perpetual problems that every single sub-Saharan nation has been experiencing since white rule ended.

The two researches found that a previous study in 2009 found the average IQ to be 80. However, the test subject primarily came from the upper class. An average of the general population turned up a score of 68. By western standards, a score of 68 is considered “mildly mentally retarded.” In the United States, the average black IQ is 85. However, Americans blacks have large amounts of white ancestry. Access to better prenatal care and a superior diet may aid American black IQ scores as well. The average IQ of an American blacks who have a bachelor’s degree is 95-100. The average IQ for Americans whites is 100, and the average IQ of an American white with a bachelors’ degree is 115-120.


Wicherts, Dolan, and van der Maas (2009) contend that the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans is about 80. A critical evaluation of the studies presented by WDM shows that many of these are based on unrepresentative elite samples. We show that studies of 29 acceptably representative samples on tests other than the Progressive Matrices give a sub-Saharan Africa IQ of 69; studies of the most satisfactory representative samples on the Standard Progressive Matrices give an IQ of 66; studies of 23 acceptably representative samples on the Colored Progressive Matrices give an IQ of 71. The international studies of mathematics, science, and reading give a sub-Saharan African IQ of 66. The four data sets can be averaged to give an IQ of 68 as the best reading of the IQ in sub-Saharan Africa.

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