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Would be victim fights off mob attack; stabs two thugs

Three black thugs got a rude awaken when they tried to attack a white Lamar University student in Beaumont, Texas. The student was walking to his car in a campus parking lot when he was targeted at random.

The man fought back and stabbed two of the attackers with a knife. One was hospitalized. All three are under arrest. The would be victim, turned hero, was not seriously hurt.

Only one media outlet, KFDM Channel 6, covered they story and they conveniently omitted the race of the attackers and the would be victim. An employee of the station confirmed that it was a black on white attack and says that the would be victim turned hero will be interviewed tomorrow.

Update: The interview is now up. The hero in the story is a US Marine. KFDM continued to censor the fact that the perpetrators are black in their interview.