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WYFF tells "we omit race on a case by case basis"

CofCC protesting WYFF in 2006.

WYFF (NBC 4 in Greenville, SC) is no stranger to the CofCC. In 2006, the CofCC led a huge protest in front of their studio. On April 29th, the CofCC held a rally against the Senate Amnesty bill in Greenville, SC. About 1,000 people attended. WYFF lied about the rally and claimed “dozens protested.” The CofCC led over 125 people in a protest in front of the station. The station then aired the video footage of our original rally.

The station has a clear history of politically motivated deceit.

There is a story on the WYFF website about a woman who was attacked, and her handgun probably saved her life. Here is how WYFF described the dangerous at large suspects.

Both men were dressed in dark clothing. One was wearing dark-colored basketball-style shorts and a dark ball cap with a straight bill that had bull horns on the front. The other was wearing a dark hoodie and dark, baggy cargo pants. The woman said she thinks they are very dangerous and she hopes they get caught.

We called WYFF. The woman we talked to told us the race of the perpetrators was censored on purpose. She said that the staff sits down and discusses crime stories and makes a decision on whether or not to censor the race of the suspects on a case by case basis. She said she would not characterize this as censorship, but as a “decision.”

Take a look at this broadcast from WYFF from last January. It is about an attempted home invasion. When the anchorman describes the suspect, the first thing he states is “he is a white man.”